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A couple out to watch a sunset on the weekend.

Surprise Your Girl with a Weekend Long Drive

Before the pandemic had hit our lives, finding time to spend with your partner seemed like a distant dream. You would wait for Saturdays, and once they arrived after a dreadfully long week, they quickly slipped into a Sunday, and you were thinking about work yet again. You would pine for a holiday with the love of your life, but the work commitments just won’t let you stay away from the office.

Dream Life?

And now that everything has practically shut down and work has become online, you’re at home all day, every day; You rarely get any space away from your partner. It would seem like you’re living the dream, right? Wrong. That’s not a romantic arrangement in the least. You need a work-life balance to manage your love life best. When you’re always together, you run out of things to do. You need change. That’s why weekend drives are the best save from romance gotten stale.

Eat Out

a woman leaning on a rolled down car window to feel the breeze during a car ride.

There’s no surprise more pleasant than an unexpected break from domestic duties. Some days neither you nor your partner would be in the mood to cook. It does get dull slaving day after day in the kitchen to whip up a decent meal. Even if you loved cooking or baking at some point, you’d hate it when that’s all you do.

How about going out on a long drive and grabbing a takeaway on the way back? That way, you enjoy something different, get done without any dirty dishes, and enjoy your meal in a different scene.

Drive Songs

Don’t you miss grooving to your classic playlist? The Boys of Summer and Rock Steady never get old, or if you’re into jazz, there’s an endless range of options to pick from. But somehow, playing the same songs on your speaker at home doesn’t feel the same. There’s a unique sense of adventure when you’re gazing out at the endless road and letting the fresh breeze lift your hair with the tunes hanging in the air.

If you miss that, we’re happy to provide the means to make that happen. Book our comfortable luxury rides on rent and enjoy a weekend drive with your girlfriend. Comfort and romance are guaranteed; you don’t realize how the slightest change can spur your love life to action.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let boredom and monotony make way for another minor quarrel between you two. Take your girlfriend out on a weekend drive in our luxury sedan of your choice. Choose a car you like and book a date. Pick up your phone and dial (855) 637 9767 to book our car service in CT.