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Riding Limousine: 4 Rules of Limousine Etiquettes

Limousine services are a great idea if you seek a luxury traveling service when attending corporate functions or personal events.

Here are some limousine etiquette rules that you must put to use the next time you ride so you instantly become your driver’s favorite passenger:

  1. You must respect the driver or chauffeur

Drivers of limousines are trained professionally to serve their clients adequately. You may offend them if you access the doors of the vehicle yourself as they are habitual of doing so for their clients. So, a good rule of thumb is to be on your best behavior.

It’s crucial to remember that you must not ask the limousine driver to do anything illegal, such as trespassing or overspeeding. If you have any concerns regarding the consumption of alcohol or other prescribed drugs, consult the driver regarding the same. Even if you’re allowed to indulge in alcohol, it’s best not to get rowdy inside the vehicle as it may distract the driver. You must also contact the limo service provider immediately in case of an accident.

  1. You must tip your driver

Tipping the chauffeur is a practice of good manners when exiting the vehicle. The tipping amount is usually 20 percent of the total service fee.

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  1. You must enter and exit correctly

It’s not quite elegant to enter the limousine with your body first and legs later. After the chauffeur has opened the doors for you, sit on the very first available seat and swing your legs inside. You may continue sliding until you’ve reached the spot designated for you. You may reverse the same procedure when exiting the vehicle.

  1. You must treat better than your car

Be cautious that none of your actions damage the limo as it isn’t your privately owned property. If you make use of any services while you’re inside the limo, it’s best to consult a driver to help you use the appliance properly. You won’t get away with the damage caused and will be held accountable for any repairs.

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