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Lincoln MKT

Lincoln MKT

3 passengers
3 suitcases
Wifi access
Luxury cars

There are plenty of options for families looking for a three-row luxury crossover SUV. Lincoln’s offering is the 2016 MKT. It’s essentially a range-topping variant of the Ford Flex, upon which it is based. Mainly, buying an MKT gets you unique bodywork and more standard features. Even the most basic MKT comes loaded with features like a panoramic glass roof, adaptive xenon headlights and front seats that are heated and ventilated. In addition to its long list of features, the MKT has high-quality cabin materials that include real wood accents and supple leather. It’s also a very quiet cabin thanks to double-paned front windows and heavy insulation. Couple all that with a comfort-oriented suspension that does a good job of soaking up road irregularities and the MKT feels like a true luxury vehicle.

Even though the MKT provides a good value and a coddling ride for passengers, there are a few areas where it lags behind the competition. Third-row space is one such area, which is surprising given that the MKT is more than a foot longer than the Acura MDX. Due to the downward-sloping roof, headroom in the third row is tight, especially compared to the second row. The cargo area is also less useful, as the stylized hatch profile cuts back on your ability to haul bulky items, especially compared to the boxy Flex.

There are several players in the three-row luxury SUV class that are more versatile options. The 2016 Acura MDX leads the pack, with ample interior storage areas, extremely comfortable seats and a superb all-wheel-drive system. The Infiniti QX60 is another strong contender that offers a similar level of performance and features. For maximum interior space, the 2016 Buick Enclave is a better choice, while the new 2016 Volvo XC90 is a stunning three-row SUV that commands a slightly higher price. The MKT isn’t our first pick here, but it might be worth considering if you want to drive something that doesn’t look like every other SUV on the block.